We know that you deserve to live an expansive and immersive life filled with love and freedom.

We know that you can discover and remember more of you, transcend emotional pain stemming from any invisible prison, embrace adventure and welcome greater possibilities.

We want to use ourselves and share all we can to catalyse your unique movement towards growth and vitality. Because this is who we are. And together, we claim our birth right.


We are a web of catalysts for transformational change. We start with ourselves. We continuously grow our whole capacities to fully live our lives, interdependently and in co-creative partnership with the world.

We catalyse change and growth, and support you or your organisation in bringing forth your highest possible version and vision.

Whole Capacity came to be as a result of generous gifts of time and expertise from wisdom keepers, requests for deep personal growth to be applied to professional settings, and extensive development work in multiple contexts.


We stand to expand our range of capacities, to nurture and grow them, so that we can all live our lives well, from a happier, healthier space.

Our vision is to enable conscious creation and innovation, to inspire and catalyse change in the deepest and broadest sense, and support inner movements that come from opening up to growth.

We believe that we can empower each other to provide high service to the world and activate our innate potency to live our Whole Capacity.


We catalyse with a variety of people and organisations to shift the whole towards to a healthier, more productive place from which to operate.


We honour and embrace all our identities... every single aspect of them, whether those we attach to, reject or are ambivalent about. We open up a space so that latent potential or hidden parts of our whole nature is allowed to surface for living. We want to grow new sense organs, new capacities, to attune to our world and receive fresh data to live, play and work with.


We flow in the dance of our identities in every context we find ourselves. We acquire, shape and reshape our identities as we journey through life. This flow, this dance, is what we mean by our nature, and quite like the ecology of our existence, it is the essence of life.


We allow ourselves to make new choices. Through expanded capacities, we are better equipped to engage more intimately with our experiences. We learn to experiment with consciously making new choices. This is what we mean by choiceful creation. It is our ability to choose and follow through on what needs to manifest.

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We are always looking for passionate and inspired people who hold a deep intention for catalysing change within and without, to evolve greater possibilities for themselves and others.

Are you passionate about helping others through change?
Are you inspired to catalyse change through your own growth?
Do you hold a deep intention to evolve greater possibilities for yourself and others?
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Going through a significant change?

Often masked as frustration, emptiness and dissatisfaction about the current situation, whatever the scale, a significant change is a precious transformative time to be honoured and leveraged for profound growth and enduring success. We waste much of our personal resources trying to move through headwinds when we can actually leap in progress.

If you want to Thrive at every Phase of Change, this video is for you!

Meet Adele M Lim

Adele is the Founder of and Lead Catalyst at Whole Capacity, a global web of catalysts working with individuals and organisations to facilitate movement and innovation in change and growth. With an emphasis on systemic approaches and leading from the core, her work inspires and sustains change on multiple levels.

She brings extensive training and experience in leadership coaching, talent management and organisation development, serving as an internal and external consultant to blue chip multinationals, spanning a broad range of sectors across global environments. Through various roles in Finance, Audit, Operations and Business Development, her application of individual and organisation development practices are grounded in a practical understanding of how things are on the ground.

Adele holds an MSc in Information Management and Finance from University of Westminster, and a Certificate in Organisation Development from NTL Institute (formerly National Training Laboratories of Bethel, Maine). Her professional training includes Systemic Constellations, Theory U, and the Inner Dance Energy School. She is also a senior MCIPD HR professional.

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