The Alchemy of Music and Lyrics


Alex Fletcher: It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just spit it out. They’re just lyrics.

Sophie Fisher: “Just lyrics”?

Alex Fletcher: Lyrics are important. They’re just not as important as melody.

Sophie Fisher: I really don’t think you get it.

Alex Fletcher: Oh. You look angry. Click your pen.

Sophie Fisher: A melody is like seeing someone for the first time. The physical attraction. Sex.

Alex Fletcher: I so get that.

Sophie Fisher: But then, as you get to know the person, that’s the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It’s the combination of the 2 that makes it magical.



Songs are artistes’ creative form of expression. When songs resonate with the whole body, the artistic pieces penetrates and transforms into therapy, enabling release of stuck emotion, and opening pathways for expression of our core. When they don’t resonate, an effort is made by the listening body to tune out the song.

Our body and its range of field, can never really censor acoustics. Even mindless hearing is absorbed and needs to be processed. Therefore everything we take in, consciously or otherwise, choicefully or in protest, shapes us.

A different Fletcher pointed out that ballads shape a nation much more effectively than any law ever will, with his quote:

“If a man were permitted to make all ballads, he need not care who should make the laws of a nation.  Let who will make the laws of a nation so long as I am permitted to make her songs.”
– Andrew Fletcher, 1703

As we engage with others in our world, we in turn shape others and their world. There is research that suggest even our thoughts impact others in the vicinity.  Therefore, is it not our duty to choose well the songs we sing, literally and figuratively?

And if living our Whole Capacity translates to mean, we are singing our ideal songs, naturally and in alignment with who we are, then wouldn’t we be increasing our chances of living happily and healthily whilst performing our duties?

Through living and working with our Whole Capacity, we go beyond the direct development of the body and mind by opening up a space so that our latent potential and hidden parts of our whole nature is allowed to surface for living.

The book Live Your Whole Capacity takes the Why to discuss the What and How. You can get an extract here, if you haven’t already.

But in a nutshell, Whole Capacity is about honouring and embracing all our identities… every single aspect of them, whether those we attach to, those we reject or those that we are ambivalent about.  Whole Capacity is about flowing through the dance of our identities in every context that we encounter. It is our Nature, because it has its own rhythm and cycle. It is the product of this dance that, like the ecology of our existence, brings to life, the essence of life. Whole Capacity is about allowing ourselves to make new Choices through expanded sensing, to choose deeply and follow through on what one needs to manifest based on fresh data and new choices that are being revealed from living our Whole Capacity.


In essence of spirit,

Adele xx


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