Because it’s Valentine’s Day

“In my beginning, is my end. In my end, is my beginning.” T.S. Elliot

This inaugural blog to welcome a new beginning, is written in the spirit of celebrating love, to fully honour the vibrational beings that we are, to appreciate the effort it takes to be responsible for our own vibrations.

In every single moment, we are choosing what we create through what we vibrate. Imagine a world where people can be and relate with each other, make decisions, and take actions, from a healthy place of self-love.

When the gap between where we are and where we want to be, becomes more energetically charged over time, we know that something needs to shift, and we choose. The higher the contrast, the greater the call.

Since every thought becomes a vibrational reality immediately, if at every step of the way, we choose to walk the eternal path of never ending joyous expansion, we will experience the possibility of fulfilment throughout the journey, as we get up to speed to what we have become.

Whole Capacity was born out of Love. It is a labour of Love and intended to embody Love by empowering us to live our inner guidance; to remember all of who we are, to choose what we create and to create what we choose.

The book Live Your Whole Capacity: How to tap into and grow unknown potential in your life came into form through Love… Love as a human birthright to know that at the core of our being, we are loving, lovable and loved.

In this book, you will discover the Why, and the what and how, of living an expansive life in an immersive way… and see how it plays out in the different contexts of business and personal lives.

The book will be released very soon!

As a pre-launch gift, you can satisfy curiosity and get started by downloading your Free Extract here:

Live Your Whole Capacity: An Extract

When you sign up to download, we will let you know as soon as the book is out, so you can be the first to claim the various launch freebies!

Be who you are, catalyse your own change, and keep blossoming, with Love.

In essence of spirit,

Adele xx


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