Sponsorship Now Open!

We Welcome Your Participation With Open Arms!

It is an invitation to all in response to special people who have expressed interest in contributing towards our catalytic humanitarian work. We now have a way for you to do so through Sponsorship.

It’s Out!

I am sitting in front of the screen feeling absolutely showered in excitement, gratitude, and light. I feel so very blessed by all the support and guidance, all the love that has come in every shape and form. Your belief in me helped me to channel and focus my energies to what truly matters to me. I could never have come this far without you.

Movement, Light and Freedom

Movement is information; let your movement inform and guide. Resisting resources and help diminishes your movement; it diminishes your power to sense and love, and you start to extinguish; your …

Writing is Allowing Alignment

“The word is mightier than the sword.”  Teachings of Ahiqar, 500BC   I am excited to announce that we will be making available, extracts of materials from Catalyst Blueprint, in …

When Time is On You

“When the time is on you, start, and the pressure is off.”  Yogi Bhajan   Do you sometimes feel as if you are wading through sludge? Or does your internal …

That Voice Inside

“Effectively, Grandma Tala is saying that ‘to follow the farthest star is who you are’… To live in resonance with your inner guidance is who you are meant to be.”

Through You, I see Me

In the Human
Man’s fire engulfs a Woman.
Turning her into ash
Out of which
Phoenix rises
To meet the Dragon.

Because it’s Valentine’s Day

This inaugural blog to welcome a new beginning, is written in the spirit of celebrating love, to fully honour the vibrational beings that we are, to appreciate the effort it takes to be responsible for our own vibrations.