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Lady - You're Stuck

That Voice Inside

You feel stuck or disconnected. Perhaps you're living a life you cannot call your own. Or you fall sick often but sense it's not sheer bad luck. Sometimes, you simultaneously feel you know and you don't know.

What if there's a way to live in truth and at peace, keep strong and healthy, and remember or hear your unique calling?

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FREE Extract maps out how you can Live Your Whole Capacity. Expand your whole being, unlock hidden potential, and feel the difference in just 7 days.

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In this inspiring, heart and mind opening book, Adele M Lim describes keys to work through presenting issues so that you can discover new capacities within yourself and your surrounding systems and develop your own way of living Your Whole Capacity.

She offers a suggestion for:

  • The key elements that map out how to Live Your Whole Capacity
  • Six different ways to bring the elements of your Whole Capacity to life
  • Immersive Living – the practice of Living Your Whole Capacity
  • How to apply Whole Capacity to different areas of life such as business, intimate relationships and parenthood
Book cover of "Live Your Whole Capacity"

Praises for Live Your Whole Capacity

Using her skills to effectively work with multi-stakeholders and across institutional boundaries, Adele sparks change that is truly transformational.  This book sheds light on how she does this. Adele takes readers on a journey to discover their greatest teacher within.  Empowering and inspiring.

Martin Kalungu-Banda

Leadership consultant, faculty of Presencing Institute and author of Driftology: How to Access Life’s Greatest Opportunities by Flying on the Wings of Others.

Adele has an open, honest, and accessible approach toward living our lives with confidence and integrity. She gently reminds us to dive back into, rather than outside of, ourselves, to access our own wisdom and guidance. This is the resuscitation many of us need. She is also a courageous example who will undoubtedly be a catalyst for many to rediscover their own light illuminating the path they choose to travel.

Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce

Clinical sexologist, RN-health educator, international speaker, author, intimacy and health expert, and yoga therapist.

If I presume that I can be helpful to others, I have to do my own work, simultaneously and continuously. Adele's very open story of her journey of learning and growth is a wonderful example of a practitioner's commitment to use of self to support others.

Philip Mix

Co-founder, faculty and current Dean - NTL Global OD Certificate Programme (UK), owner and organisation development consultant of Philip J. Mix & Associates.

My encounters with Adele were always somewhat magical. To me, she is inspiring as a peaceful warrior for good, a subtle spiritual teacher, a loving mother. Her quest for finding wisdom and sharing of knowledge with others is like a warm light glowing around when you learn with Adele.

Miroslava Rusnokova

Head of HR, Exponea, Slovakia.

Adele is a compassionate kind spirit, giving love and care with all she comes in contact with, always ready to engage  with others, and to look at herself. She has  a passion to help others to find themselves.  I would recommend Adele and her work to  anyone who needs some advice or inspiration.

Shyena Venice

International entrepreneur.

Adele follows a humanist approach in her work. She cares deeply for people and their development. She respects the individual's path and provides gentle guidance to their own truth along the way.

Ksenia Anikina

International career woman, wife and mother.

Adele is a woman of strength and dignity.  She is bright, ambitious and a natural leader. She always follows through on commitments, no matter how small it may seem. And always seeks for ways to help someone and she does it.

Pamela Akasha Kaur

Co-founder of Almonds and Raisins, certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and Conscious Pregnancy facilitator.

This book is such a body of work. If you find yourself reading this now, you are likely a potential contributor in the foundational uncovering of Whole Systems models that bring Whole Capacity about.

Pi Villaraza

Founder of Inner Dance and co-founder of Bahay Kalipay Detox and Retreat Center, Palawan, Philippines.

At times delicately but never skipping the need for honesty, Adele invites you into an exploration of her heart and mind. It is this journey that compels the reader to ask questions that will sniff out the very birthplace of behaviour. Her words coax a sense of intrigue as to the source of all the emergences and disappearances of our various character traits. If you have ever wondered if you had a soul, this is a wonderful place to start looking.

Paul Laurenson

Behavioural expert and author of The Element of Surprise.

A beautifully written and very personal account on how to live a more conscious life.

This book is as encouraging as it is insightful. Written with the warmth, vulnerability, humility and generosity that mirror who Adele is, she offers us what she learnt in her authentic search of 'self' and outlines how to build the capacity for beauty and love in a disconnected and confusing world.

Ralf Schneider

Founder and Managing Director of Better Business.

Adele has a way of offering multidimensional approaches that generate effective changes for her clients.  Adele’s presence has a wonderfully calming influence  and her book provides practical inspirations for engaging with one's own inner guide.

What I love about working with Adele is her amazing ability to bridge the organisational, personal and spiritual realms. Drawing from her personal success, this book gives expert advice as well as a treasure trove of professional tools anyone can use to  successfully engage with heart in corporate settings.

There is something remarkably kind and warm about Adele’s ability to help others enhance their own capacity for change. If you are ready to gently open to new and empowering approaches to personal success in business and in life, then you will enjoy the journey with Adele as you learn how to harness your own unique capacities for optimal living.

Amara Charles

Author of The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka and founder of Nourishing Arts.

This is a book of charm and adventure - into a sense of personal wholeness. Adele shares her knowledge and experience of the many avenues to explore, wisdom practices to draw on and the impact it has had on her life. It would be a cheering companion for others on a similar path.

Judith Hemming

Founder of MovingConstellations, founding member and faculty at the Centre for Systemic Constellations, and former director of the nowherefoundation.

Adele has an amazing ability to awaken you to seeing your life as a intricate and beautiful journey. She is able to connect with people through their life stories and resonate truth. My many discussions, collaborations and incubations with her remind me of two researchers working on a thesis,  not using books and articles for data, but delving into one’s own life experiences and exploring the capacity for happiness and wholeness. I love the playful exploration of ideas and how she uses her physical and spiritual senses to tap into the power and potential of the natural and emotional world.

Monita Sen

Regional Manager -School Services, at the International Baccalaureate.

Adele Lim has always been thoughtful and delightful. She writes from her heart and her message is enlightening and fresh. Having personally seen Adele grow from a muddled little girl into an amazing women, her sharing of her experiences and journey is a joy to read.

Roshan Thiran

CEO of Leaderonomics and Editor of


Adele M Lim's Profile


Adele is the Founder of and Lead Catalyst at Whole Capacity, a global web of catalysts working with individuals and organisations to facilitate movement and innovation in change and growth. With an emphasis on systemic approaches and leading from the core, her work inspires and sustains change on multiple levels.

She brings extensive training and experience in leadership coaching, talent management and organisation development, serving as an internal and external consultant to blue chip multinationals, spanning a broad range of sectors across global environments. Through various roles in Finance, Audit, Operations and Business Development, her application of individual and organisation development practices are grounded in a practical understanding of how things are on the ground.

Adele holds an MSc in Information Management and Finance from University of Westminster, and a Certificate in Organisation Development from NTL Institute (formerly National Training Laboratories of Bethel, Maine). Her professional training includes Systemic Constellations, Theory U, and the Inner Dance Energy School. She is also a senior MCIPD HR professional.

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