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Adele M. Lim is the Founder of Lead Catalyst Capacity, a global web of catalysts working individuals and organisations to facilitate movement and innovation in change and growth. With an emphasis on systemic approaches and leading from the core, her work inspires and sustains change on multiple levels. Adele is author of Live Your Whole Capacity and various children’s books as part of Lovingspace, a project series to support international families experiencing massive change, that was created under Rawfull Whole, the platform for integrative change. She brings her life’s experience and training in human dynamics, leadership coaching, talent management and organisation development to a variety of clients globally.

Book Features

Designed to hasten the return of abducted children to their country of habitual residence, the Convention has loopholes when applied to contentious separation cases despite its positive intent. Adele offers an expansive view that aims at meeting the Convention in light of our evolution as a global village, so that individually and collectively we enable a healthier systems balance and heal cross-generational trauma by attending to the family system.

Adele M. Lim, author , innovator, change catalyst, and mother dives into the deep and troubling realities of cross-border divorce and the harsh legalities of child custody. She tells us the emotional stories of several families, including her own, whose already difficult marital upheaval was further complicated by the regulations of the Hague Abduction Convention (HCCH) of 1980.

Adele generously shares her personal and professional experiences and knowledge, including both spiritual and practical dimensions for individuals and families to develop their own inner sense of guidance from a deeper place of knowing. This intense but ultimately uplifiting book is a must-read not only for those facing cross-border divorce, but for anyone who adopts an international lifestyle, especially where children are concerned.

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Launch Party 2017

“Love seeks not weakness but to make of us independent. Love is not attachment but of pure perspective. When love loses its perspective, it is not love. It has in it, fear.”

– Love with Passion and Perspective

Soul Coach

A brave and articulate body of work, Adele challenges us to cut trough the human story of love, relationship and parenting in the context of international divorce and see trough “news eyes”. Adele offers an expanded, yet grounded spiritual road map for traversing one of life’s most heartfelt challenges. She is the voice of the Graceful Warrior, challenging us to live from a higher paradigm and expanded level of accountability – one that is alignment with the next wave of our evolutionary development.

- Kerri Chinner, BSW, Saoul Coach, Facilitator, Shamanic and Energy Medicine