Movement, Light and Freedom

Movement is information;
let your movement inform and guide.
Resisting resources and help diminishes your movement;
it diminishes your power to sense and love,
and you start to extinguish;
your Light starts to extinguish.

When you extinguish your Light,
you extinguish greater possibilities,
you eliminate hope and openness.
Truth cannot arrive to you,
Your gifts never arrive,
for you are not there to receive them.
Your gifts to the world,
remain hidden by the dark,
until you shine your Light again.

Pain, pleasure and relief are One.
Desire for pain is to continue to get the pleasure and relief from the pain.
Desire for pleasure and relief is to continue to seek pain in order to get pleasure and relief.
Bring awareness and acknowledge desire,
and you go off auto-pilot,
to begin breaking conditioning that was masked as needs.

See pain, pleasure and relief,
Feel pain, pleasure and relief,
Dance with pain, pleasure and relief,
Be with pain, pleasure and relief,
and see, feel, dance and be Light.
Shine Light.
This is to choose to be Free.


In essence of spirit,

Adele xx


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