That Voice Inside

In minute 1:48 from this scene from Disney’s animation Moana, Grandma Tala sang to her granddaughter:

“You may hear a voice inside
And if the voice starts to whisper
To follow the farthest star
Moana, that voice inside is
Who you are”



This verse says a lot.

First, the inner voice is a whisper. You can only hear it when you are quiet enough, in respite from external bombardments, and when you hold an openness within to whatever sounds.

Secondly, this voice may ask of you, great things. Our fears of fear have an amazing ability to drown that voice and avoid feeling those fears.

Thirdly, this voice presents an aspect of “who you are” before external conditioning, and we  are likely to remember less because it has been silenced by louder, stronger, helpful and well-meaning voices of authority.

Effectively, Grandma Tala is saying that ‘to follow the farthest star is who you are’… To live in resonance with your inner guidance is who you are meant to be.


As a human development consultant and change catalyst, I recognise the limitations a designed intervention purely because each person is unique, and rehashing a formal experience on the spot to customise the learning calls for strong inner guidance.

To have strong inner guidance, we need the capacity to attune, discern, choose and focus, and this can be developed by having a high level map or key elements to draw upon for sense-making.

As vibrational beings, we are constantly blending, influencing and co-creating with our inner and outer environment. This process of vibrational alignment is not logical nor linear, whereas our outer environment is heavily biased towards logical and linear ways.

What we surround ourselves within and without, shrinks, expands, breaks or morphs us, and as we engage with others in our world, we in turn impact others and their worlds through our very presence. So how can we live with increasing awareness and create from an open space with free agency, away from unconsciously repeating conditioned behaviours?


” Sometimes the world seems against you,
The journey may leave a scar,
But scars can heal and reveal just,
Where you are,
The people you love will change you,
The things you have learned will guide you,
And nothing on Earth can silence,
The quiet voice still inside you.”

Watch now


Do you know who you are?

Satcitananda – to know the truth is bliss. May you know and live your truth as much as possible and claim our bliss. Choose this for we deserve no less than bliss.


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Live Your Whole Capacity: An Extract

In essence of spirit,

Adele xx


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