When Time is On You

“When the time is on you, start, and the pressure is off.”  Yogi Bhajan


Do you sometimes feel as if you are wading through sludge?

Or does your internal chatter go on overdrive, leading you to mindless activities that distract you from the experience of “stuckness”?

Perhaps you flip between charging ahead angrily and helpless paralysis, and constantly justifying your chosen position?

When we work ourselves to such a state, we are not living our Whole Capacity. We perceive big gaps between what we want versus what we have, or what we say versus what we do, thus feel negative and compromise our ability to live authentically in an immersive way.

Maybe we do not even know when we are in a stuck state.

But, there is another side to this. I like to call it the Invisible Opportunity.

By knowing what we do not want, we come closer to what we want. By feeling stuck, we inch closer to change. By seeing what we do not have, we open up an inquiry that creates another experience.

To check out the invisible opportunity, we need to momentarily empty ourselves of what we think we know from our past experience.

What’s important is not to rush to move things along or make sense in the head to fix things, but to attend to conditions that influence the quality of the movement.

The quality of the movement taking place during a significant personal change is strongly influenced by the quality of personal space and rest we can allow ourselves to have.

Allowing for personal space and rest will enable and support a more thorough processing of deep personal change.

Facilitation in an open and safe space is helpful. The more open and safely held you feel, the better your quality of personal space and rest will be, and the better your movement.


In essence of spirit,

Adele xx



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