Writing is Allowing Alignment

“The word is mightier than the sword.”  Teachings of Ahiqar, 500BC


I am excited to announce that we will be making available, extracts of materials from Catalyst Blueprint, in the coming months. These are written by people who turn the formless into form, so that the gift of their unique synthesis can light conversations, spur dialogic processes, and facilitate uncovering of truth and emergence.

Personally, I started writing for publications since the age of 12 because I just loved it. I had many opportunities to pursue it as a career but I kept turning it down. My reason was that I did not want to turn my passion into a job. Of course, there were some pretty loaded beliefs there.

Over two decades later, I realised that writing is a vibrating construct through which energy is transformed, and done from a centred and open space, it transfers forces of creation from one man’s breath to other forms of life.

Writing truthfully from my heart (which I believed would be challenging if I made it a job), is a process that not only brings tremendous healing, growth, and self-love, but courage through vulnerability of being seen by the world. When I realised what it means to write from the power source of love, writing truth not only became a practice, but a way of being, a lifestyle.

Writing lends a context for processing to take place as energy is transformed from your field to physical form. Writing for myself first and foremost, brings me face-to-face with the potentiality of limitless space, unbounded by societal conventions, employer expectations and reader acceptance; a well so deep within that I can travel infinitely to and return whenever I wish, for the journey is simultaneously my inner guide and compass.

Expanding this, the commune and communion of writings, collect the energy for support and nourishment of everyone reading. The unconditioned within can connect with that in the other, and this connection is what we secretly wish for in all our human relationships. When my heart can speak to another regardless of externalities, anything is possible. There is Light.

While there can be no Darkness without Light, we retain our right to choose Light over Darkness, firmly and confidently while still acknowledging Darkness, because once the purpose of Darkness has been acknowledged as being served, it can be returned to its home of Darkness. Condemning, hating, rejecting and belittling Darkness is going with the Darkness to dwell in the prison of Darkness where Light can never fully enter.


In essence of spirit,

Adele xx



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